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Merge pull request #20 from steven2249/patch-1

add codecov badge
parents c97fd0b6 659ee256
......@@ -4,3 +4,6 @@ cache: packages
secure: PcdJMRncDb0dO4bGZLc8tcjhakOdhglyNQr8acdL1Wrq23Qb+ZF6fFfaahrbpSRD+pdpnXUXkmhWjbuqfHY1mnvC9gsFMr9KD9P82hJs2luRUs+mZBKWU45v4puAm19Zepr0P/rsj0KUJmcJepsxLo1ccjOY0xSxzf7jvyf8lx0=
- Rscript -e 'covr::codecov()'
Linux build: [![Build Status](](
Windows build: [![Build status](](
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